Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Winter lips and skin

 In these winter months when is all frosty and chilly dry skin and dry lips appear  it’s super important to keep them protected every time you brace the cold.   I have picked out my favourite most moisturizing lip balms and moisturisers that will keep your pout soft this season.

1. Elizabeth Adren 8 hour cream . I live off the stuff , It cures dry lips and also keeps them protected for 8 hours . I have tried 8 hours but this does mean not eating / drinking.

2. Carmex . It contains menthol which makes your lips tingle along with cocoa butter, lanolin and shea butter to heal and soothe. It does work wonders.

3.Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 Face Moisturiser.
This light, oil-free formula contains a fabulous cocktail of brightening and protecting ingredients, including zinc and magnesium to reduce shine on contact .

4.The Body Shop Shea Lip Care Stick . It is a lush, shea butter-infused balm for the lips that smells faintly of coconut oil and Is a bit of a treat.

The Body Shop Shea Lip Care Stick5.Balance Me Rich Face Cream is organic and   vitamins, antioxidant cloudberry and essential fatty acids together it’s the ultimate hit of skin food in one tube.

Monday, 26 November 2012

So in love with Vuitton

So in love with Vuitton

Who isn't In love with Vuitton ?  I want these glasses . Defiantly on my Christmas list !

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Whats in my bag this week?

What's in my bag this week?

A Chanel Cassette Tape bag . I love this bag for it's vintagey look but with a modern twist.

Bare Minerals all over face warmth . I use this under my cheek bones just to give a bit of colour and also it enhances the cheek bones .

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer. This Foundation primer smooths over imperfections for an even canvas before applying foundation.

Bare Minerals Foundation Kit . It's a miracle and the brushes are just too soft.

Bobby Brown Lip balm is so softening and It last for ages !

Clinique Chubby stick is just a moisturising colourful beacon of hope for the makeup world.

Lush Lemon Flutter Face mask just revitalises your face ,for perhaps a Wednesday evening half way through the week , for  the face of having had beauty sleep without the sleep.

Mascara from BangGood . It looks like it sounds and it is long lasting. I shall say no more !

Givenchy Dahlia Noir perfume comes in a stylish bottle , smells stylish and keep you feeling fabulously stylish !

So this is my Bag this week .

Christmas holidays getting ready ! Hot or cold ?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rubber Ducks

A rubber duck is a bath time toy used among bubbles in a bath as a relaxing floating object. Nothing is cooler than a bath full of glow in the dark sparkly rubber ducks . They are also a great novelty Christmas present ! Here are my favourites .

Best of the season

Cole Haan x Jen & Oli
Jen Brill And Olivia Kim Team Up With Cole Haan For A Festive Holiday Collection . These are some metallic and suede fun fuelled heels !
 Roberto Cavalli scarab ring Is frankly a blue masterpiece of perfection.
Jeans made from Reynolds Wrap – Sparkly wonders perfect for Christmas !
  A sensible pair of driving shoes, these Giuseppe Zanotti heels maybe not so great going through security at an airport !

Domino-shaped Lady Purse by Charlotte Olympia . One Las Vegas .

Toilet Paper Rolls ... Is that art ?

If I was asked what are the possible uses for a toilet paper roll I would say  the very private one, and the second one a Halloween prank.
However I found a new use !

 Sakir G√∂kcebag, a Hamburg-based Turkish artist, makes Trans-Layers installations, made out of hundreds of toilet paper rolls that drape down the walls creating beautiful patterns.
 Previously, he has used such normal objects as clocks, brooms, umbrellas and such.. Turns out, almost anything can have undiscovered artistic potential! Which leads me on to the question , What is art ?
Wikipedia says
  1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination
  2. Works produced by such skill and imagination
So what about if I put a scribbled doodle in a gallery , does that make it art ?
Anyway on with the Toilet Rolls .... they are some creative bits of paper !!


Keep It Simple

today i will wear...

 Keep It simple with this pink infused outfit. Peter Pan collars are very on trend this season so be sure to grab one and wear it with style. The Chelsea Boots are equally as fabulous and they are just so adorable or Adorkable.

Dress smart , think smart, feel casual

EPOCA blouse

This is such a great daytime look. It's smart yet can be casual and this Jimmy Choo clutch does add a touch of sophisticated power into the outfit. I am also completely in love with the little tiger arm cuff just because it's so adorable.

Colour Clash - Saturday evening drinks outfit

Colour Clash - Saturday evening drinks outfit

I love this jacket because it would brighten any cold winter weather and the orange skirt completely clashes for an eye opening fun filled day. These shoes are just too cool and everything else just fits into place. Click on the link below to see where these pieces are from.

The Duck Face

You can't say you don't know what I mean by 'The duck face' . The face most teenage girls pull in a mirror and take endless selfies and hashtag #nohates or #imsougly . This is utterly bizarre.

 What do these people do with their lives ? They actually have time to do this . The attention seeking little orange people with plastic nails really do get on my nerves particularly when they appear on my Facebook news feed every 30 seconds with a new collection of edited selfies .

These people are either really desperate or have an obsession with wearing as little as possible for as long as possible .

OR maybe they are trying to get Pneumonia ? Maybe the teenagers of our world are just attention seeking plastic fantastic kids who decided to be the Barbie doll when they grew up but they never did .

What is our generation going to be like in 70 years ? Currently when people say the words 'jean' and 'short' they mean denim undies. I really don't get the bum falling out of shorts look with tights.

What has our world come to ?


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday evenings - A warm bubbly bath

Nobody calls me on a Sunday . Except my warm , smelly bubble bath. Surrounded by my absolute favourite Jo Malone Basil and lime  candles.

Below are my absolute favourite relaxants for a Sunday evening.

1. Jo Malone Lime and Basil candle . The scent is just too gorgeous .
2. Vanilla Bliss bath Crystals from the body shop keep your body smelling AMAZING .
3. A rubber duck . Everyone loves them and a bath wouldn't be the same without one .

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Leather and Fur Winter Biker

Leather and Fur Winter Biker

Proenza schouler

Acne biker jacket

$1,015 - placedestendances.com

Oasis studded jacket
$125 - oasis-stores.com

River Island biker jacket
$95 - riverisland.com

Christmas Party dresses

metallic lace dress
Make a statement in the ultimate party dress. From bright colours to classic black .Make your Christmas party the most memorable. Go appropriately dressed ,  however if you are going to flaunt the flesh a bit , at least do it in style at least !

Feather 1 Shoulder Dress
Number 1. dress is from Go Jane , it's sexy yet classy. With lace detail around the bottom it's perfect.

Number two dress I really like because of the feathered one shoulder . I think this is really sophisticated but still party enough to fit into a Christmas party ! It's by Miss Selfridge and it's £25 . A bargin if you ask me

Number 3. dresses are from Lajavastyle and I really love the pop of colour with the black lace adding a fun element to a dark sexy outfit.

Number 4. This dress adds a really nice shaping touch and gives you curves in all the right places sort of thing. This two tone red dress had a really individual cut back for added drama.

new years party dress New Year Party Dresses 2012
Number 5, Micheal Micheal Kors Dress £195. This sparkly number will definitely stand you out from the crowd . Take the glitter ball with you.

Michael Michael Kors dress – Party Dresses

Winter Woolies - The set hat gloves and scarf

Friday, 16 November 2012

WooWoo Nails

WooWoo nails allows you to create your own nail wraps with your own photos online. What a great idea !  They are World's first "Design Your Own" Nail Wrap Manufacturing facility. Upload a photo or edit 200 predefined designs to create your own custom nail wrap that can be fitted at home or at a salon !
 I have just found this amazing website and I'm looking forward to making my first order !
Check it out at http://www.woowoonails.com/
This is going to be perfect for my matching nails and Christmas Party outfits !

On the Wedge of Glory

These Peep-toe sculpted wedge in black leather encrusted all over with tone-on-tone crystals and ankle strap. Cinderella will definatley go to the ball in these fab shoes .  Oh how I would love to fall in love with a Prince , unfortunatley I have my heart set on these beasts .These retail around £1260 .