Saturday, 29 December 2012

Festival of Lights: Blue and Silver

It’s no wonder that midnight blue and silver go so beautifully together; this combination is seen every evening as we gaze towards the sky at night.

 The twilight-inspired fashions in the pictures above will help give you some ideas to wear this gorgeous color contrast on your own.

 Pairing knockout silver accessories with dark denim jeans is just as effective.My personal favourite is the chunky knucleduster or dazzling arm cuff.

And since midnight blue and silver are two colors found in nearly everyone’s closet, this color combination is perfect for every budget.


Friday, 28 December 2012

Curvylicious New You - Fashion Union

 It's New Year almost , and the Christmas sales have started .

 GUESS WHAT I have your New Years eve party dress ready.

This gorgeous Black Flocked Peplum Ponte dress is a bargain from Fashion Union and it has Next Day delivery ! Also it is in the sale !

It has a contrasting flocked panel down the middle at the front then a plain back.

The peplum style accentuates hour glass figure and brings out all of the right curves for a great look.

The Baroque style continues on from D&G's Baroque Autumn/winter collection which  featured lace style dresses, and rich velvets just like this dress.

So now not only will you look amazing on New Year , your purse will feel pretty amazed as in the sale it costs £11 !!!

Grab it now at Fashion Union because this will disappear quickly !

I really like this dress for it's simplicity and instant wardrobe update it also goes with almost any accessories or shoes as it is black and white . Bright Lipsticks would also look great with it as well.

Lucy liked it because she got lots of compliments and she felt great in it . She liked the fact she could wear it day or night and could dress it up or down !

Beautiful Model and amazing musician and singer  Lucy is posing in this figure hugging dress in -10 degrees and looks a  million dollars.
Follow her on twitter @lucyy_simmonds

Makeup creds go to gorgeous Genevieve Lewis who is incredibly talented at not only makeup but singing , acting and skiing !

New Year , New you 'Letts' get organised

Yes we have finished Christmas , in need of a good lie down and mince pie.
However New Year is just around the corner !

My New Years resolution is to get organised and I have started by getting a diary .
Not only will this help organise you but it will keep track of life's important events .

My favourite diary of the New Year is this Iguana mini pocket diary from Letts .

The Iguana  diary has lots feel appeal with a textured reptile print .It comes in a midnight blue colour  and a raspberry pink colour . My personal favourite is the raspberry because It goes with most of my bag wardrobe !

It has sparkling silver page edges and a gorgeous ribbon page marker to help you plan your year in style. It's small size is ideal for fitting in clutches, pockets and purses .

Order from Letts quickly as being New Year they will be off the shelves in no time !

Monday, 24 December 2012

Commando Beanies - Must Have Winter Accessory

 Commando beanies are a must have for the ski season , these super warm cosy and on trend hats will definitely  keep your ears toasty and brighten your outfit on dark snowy day.

I love these Beanies for their sheer simplicity because they go with everything and you can't go wrong with a beanie !

They also come in some really nice colours my favourite is the purply blue one .

Commando was formed as a Young Enterprise company, selling the latest and hottest beanie hats and I think that they have done an amazing job.

You can buy these gorgeous beanies from the Commando website . They would make a great girly gift as well as a must have winter accessory.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Skiing - essentials for packing

So I'm jetting of tomorrow skiing in the alps . You won't here much back I suspect but I promise to comeback with loads of new topics , fur clothing and reindeer antlers.

Below would be the top items in my suitcase. If Chanel put skis on the market for the whole of the public !

Chanel snow boots, skis and helmet, Fendi ski boots and a Moncler jacket make for a pretty expensive ski kit, especially when you add the One Piece onesie and Juicy Couture jumper for chilling by the fire in the Chalet. Yeah, it’s all very attractive, and will be immediately recognisable when you’re posing in the queue for the gondola, but I’m not entirely sure most skiers will be concerned with your threads and equipment when you’re (expertly) sailing down that black mogul field in a Snow storm. So I had a little look around, and managed to find kit that doesn’t break the bank but still looks pretty cool.

Topshop, Helly Hansen and Oakley are still brands that are fairly expensive, but to a certain extent, you get what you pay for with ski wear. But, in the same way that you can find the money for a bikini for every day of your week-long beach holiday, buying thermal longjohns and padded jackets is just one of the necessary costs associated with a snow holiday. The above items are still a reflection of your impeccable sense of style, but their focus is more on practicality and affordability. And with those purple ski trousers, your friends definitely won’t lose you on the slopes easily!

(Monica ,Genren and Staze ) please don't lose me.

Creds to Naomi Thorne

Monday, 10 December 2012

Faux Fur: Get the Fuzzy Wuzzy Feeling Without Slaughtering a Fox

Animal-friendly faux fur is everywhere this season—but the key to tastefully wearing this trend is to keep it simple, subtle, and understated.
1. ASOS' Fantasy Fur Headband
2. Acne Leather and shearling jacket
3. Topshop lock clutch
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Cheeky" scarf
5. Forever 21 ankle boots
6. Nine West "Bootcamp" camo bracelet

Perfect Pink Pout

Perfect Pout

Nars Cosmetics Matte Lipstick  in Schiap !
Add this bright beauty too any gloomy outfit and instantly look and feel a million dollars !This rich, vivid shade hydrates, nourishes and protect lips .

Sunday, 9 December 2012

What is the point of perfume adverts ?

I understand that "smell-o-vision" technology has not yet been created so please make this a perfume advert because I honestly don't believe that If I buy Irresistible by Givenchy that some gorgeous Italian man will come chasing after me.

Filmed in black and white, a starved woman with artificially immaculate hair and airbrushed make-up gets into her boat wearing stilletos and sunglasses in the middle of the night when her coat just falls off and she has no back to her dress. Then her hair sweeps and she looks sensually at the camera , meanwhile the boat drives itself and she looks blankly at the camera. Then she looks so hungry that she might eat the camera man.

What sincerely worries me about these adverts is that somebody has actually written them! I imagine a board room scene with a team of marketing experts, brain storming ideas on how to create the perfect advert that will show the scent without actually smelling it.

"Black and white...make sure it's black and white. Yeah get that guy from that film, and that director....the French guy that made that film that won those awards. Urmmmm what should we call it? Something that says success, class, elegance and creates nice imagery. Cool water? Fluid Iceberg? Pour Monsieur? Yuppie por homme? or very irresistible Guys we've done it again!"

JuJu Wellies

To add to my many posts about wellies , here is another.
As many of you readers know , I am an avid collector of wellies . Living in the countryside, alot of my social life involves wellies so buying a new pair of wellies is equally important and buying a new pair of shoes.

I am constantly on the look out for funky and original wellies and these JuJu wellies come into this category . JuJu sell wellie ankle boots ! I think that these would be ideal for dog walking in the sunshine , perhaps not through boggy fields though as your toes might get a little wet.

These boots would also be a stylish and waterproof alternative to riding boots and I am definitely going to be wearing these next time I go hacking ! I think that these should have been part of the Olympic Show jumpers attire as they are so stylish , but maybe a little too on trend for the Queen.

These revamped takes on traditional Chelsea boots are sophisticated (the black pair) and they are fun so these are added to my Christmas list this year , what about you ?

They are £29.99 from most retailers. Find these fabulously fashionable boots HERE .

Party in style and in print - Myofashion

 It was love at first sight when I saw this dress at . The triangular Aztec print is crazily hypnotising and the patterned contrast is sensational.

 If you are a practising indie then it is for you because it has over 200 triangles on it and you can't really fit anymore on to be honest , considering it is made up completely of triangles !

This is called the Karen Tailored Lace Print Dress and it has a massive silver zip down the back which is really pretty ,functional and on trend !

I styled this fabulous dress with gorgeous black tights from Jonathan Aston that have a line of glitter down the back seem to add a bit of sparkle to the outfit. I wore nude heels because they are plain and they don't take the focus away from this amazing dress.

This dress is a lace body con dress  and it feels quite velvety. It is such a heavenly dress to wear as it is comfortable , cute and it will definitely turn some heads .

It is exceptionally phenomenal as it does look very hypnotising and so people will be staring at you all night also it is a slimming and flattering dress on anyone .

You can accessorise it with anything because it is black and white . This makes colour choice a whole lot easier . I opted for a stack of bracelets on my right arm . Notably the Links friendship bracelet.

It gets even better ,

It is only £12.99 a complete bargain . So that's your New Years Eve dress sorted .

Order this flattering wonderfully whacky dress from Myofashion !!

Disney Lip Smackers - The perfect Stocking filler or girly gift

So I have a few loves in life .

 1. Since I was about 3 years old a love of all things Disney mainly Princesses but most of all Belle from Beauty and the Beast because my name is Bella . I also had a massive love of Minnie mouse spotted bows and anything that looked a like her !

2. Lip balm . If I was left on a desert Island with two things they would be fruit smoothies and lip balm as I have a slightly crazy collection of lip balms, butters ,sticks, creams and sugars. I can't stand having chapped lips plus I love a bit of colour and yummy tasting and looking lips.

GUESS WHAT .....................

 Disney and Lip Smacker collaborated to make a Disney Lip Smacker !!
They come in different flavours for different characters .

 The first lip balm shown in the picture is 'Minnie' and it smells of deliciously sugary cupcakes ! The lip balm tint is a light pink.

The second lip balm shown is 'Minnie' again but the smell is 'Very Bow Berry ' this is my favourite smell because it reminds me of Forrest fruits and blackberry crumble. The colour is a hot pink tint and it tastes so good !

The third lip balm is 'Daisy' and the flavour is 'cutie pie' it smells of cookie dough and reminds me of my younger childhood. The colour of the balm is a light rose pink.

The fourth Lip balm is 'Daisy and Minnie', it is 'Berry BFF 'flavour and smells like strawberry slush puppies . It is a clear lip balm and has the cutest packaging !

All of these lip balms are so moisturising and deliciously colourful . They also happen to taste amazing as well ! What more could you want ?

These lip balms leave your lips looking and tasting delicious. They would also make great stocking fillers of gifts for girls as they are not only tasty,colourful and bright but they only cost  £2 each at Primark so run and get them before the Fairy Godmother buys them all for herself !

Red Label Leggings

Red Label leggings are the most abstract , colourful leggings that I have seen in a while . They follow on from the summer filled with bright Aztec prints and shapes , except now they are in more earthy tones and personally I prefer these as they are just gorgeous to look at.

They add an instant colour update and bring fun to any plain outfit. I have styled them with a simple black over sized jumper and black boots . I think that wearing something plain and not to overstated with such patterned leggings is important because otherwise you create a massive colour clash . There are good and bad colour clashes and it is important to be able to see what is the good clash !

I love the fact that they can be worn as both in day and in the night styled correctly .They are also thick enough to wear as leggings but thin enough to wear under dresses or shorts.

Red Label also have many more pairs of abstract and colourful leggings .
They also sell some really nice affordable other clothing pieces which stand out from the crowd and keep you up to date with the fashion trends of this season.

The Red Label leggings that I am wearing are the Geo Ethnic print legging. Available here .
They cost £12.99 which is a bargain for what they are and I also think they would make a great fun and different gift for friends.


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Miss Oroblu Tights

  Miss Oroblu  is a stylish hosiery brand that sell original , funky and luxurious  tights at really reasonable prices . These tights are clearly influenced by Scotland and I love the modern take of this classic design . They have also injected bright colours such as blue , pink and purple that will add instant glamour and fun to any outfit.

  All of their range is creative , new and really stylish they add an inexpensive crazy and yet elegant touch to anything in your wardrobe .

This is also a great way to update your work wardrobe for example if you wear a suit skirt everyday then instead of black tights try a pair of these and you will stand out from the crowd and become one of the elitist suit skirt wearers in your office. Trust me , you will turn heads.

The tights I am wearing retail around £16 dependant on stockists.

Also if you are off skiing anywhere or just like the warm and the woolly then these are for you. These fabulously on trend tights are so pretty and they are snugly AND fashionable which is even more practical.These retail around £26 dependant on stockists.

They would make a great Christmas present or stocking filler as they are fun , funky and reasonably priced !

You can find Miss Oroblu HERE

PJ's and warm woolies - What more could a girl want for Christmas?

 If your ever stuck for buying Christmas of birthday gifts for girls ,woollies such as hats gloves and scarfs are always a pleaser and are a safe present as they can't offend the receiver if you buy them 5 sizes too big. Pj's are always a winner for girls as you can never have too many Pj's !

In the pictures I am wearing some gorgeous Ralph Lauren Holiday Flannel Pj bottoms in red and green with a plain black T-shirt . The Bottoms are so comfy its unbelievable , and they are Christmas colours ! Great for opening a stocking in style on Christmas Day .

I am also wearing the Candy Kittens Bobble hat in pink . It is too cosy to take off even when you get off the slopes or out of the typical English weather !! It also has a great bobble on the top . Ideal for apres ski.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Rock Denim in a stylish sophistcated new way

Martha Lux

Rock denim with this Zara denim jacket from
Ebay . The Burberry Bag goes with anything and is just amazing ! Bulagri smells to good to be true and the Acne boots add height and kengthen the legs .

Sparkle for Christmas

Something New..™

Every Christmas Party has to have a sparkle . Get it with this gorgeously green number.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Skiing - Winter Woollies

I'm off skiing in a week and a bit and so I thought why not blog about the coolest of perhaps the warmest ski hats , earmuffs and warm bits and bobs.

My favourite ski hats are the funky ones you pick up in random places for example behind the bar at the Mooserwirt in St Anton !

This Eisbar all over face mask will definitely keep the winter winds out . The only downside is that you might look a bit like a skiing terrorist ! Either way this is a  pretty funky bit of wool !

 This octopus lookalike is pretty crazy and it from Cthulhu ski company.
It might cause a few crashes due to distraction though so be warned.

Image of Candy Kittens Bobble HatsThese Bobble hats are from Candy Kittens and I think that they are uber cute and a must have Ski Item ! In fact there is a new store open just off Carnaby street can't wait to have a look ! CHRISTMAS LIST !

A little more expensive is the Chanel winter hat . Timeless and it can't be replaced . Classic Chanel . Blue and white and if I did own this I wouldn't be skiing in it , probably due to my skills in the art of faceplanting .

Ugg earwarmers . Are just too stylish and they look as warm as anything !  I love these !,255,255&wid=99&qlt=80,0&layer=comp&op_sharpen=0&resMode=bicub&op_usm=0.7,1.0,0.5,0&fmt=jpeg

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Winter lips and skin

 In these winter months when is all frosty and chilly dry skin and dry lips appear  it’s super important to keep them protected every time you brace the cold.   I have picked out my favourite most moisturizing lip balms and moisturisers that will keep your pout soft this season.

1. Elizabeth Adren 8 hour cream . I live off the stuff , It cures dry lips and also keeps them protected for 8 hours . I have tried 8 hours but this does mean not eating / drinking.

2. Carmex . It contains menthol which makes your lips tingle along with cocoa butter, lanolin and shea butter to heal and soothe. It does work wonders.

3.Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 Face Moisturiser.
This light, oil-free formula contains a fabulous cocktail of brightening and protecting ingredients, including zinc and magnesium to reduce shine on contact .

4.The Body Shop Shea Lip Care Stick . It is a lush, shea butter-infused balm for the lips that smells faintly of coconut oil and Is a bit of a treat.

The Body Shop Shea Lip Care Stick5.Balance Me Rich Face Cream is organic and   vitamins, antioxidant cloudberry and essential fatty acids together it’s the ultimate hit of skin food in one tube.

Monday, 26 November 2012

So in love with Vuitton

So in love with Vuitton

Who isn't In love with Vuitton ?  I want these glasses . Defiantly on my Christmas list !

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Whats in my bag this week?

What's in my bag this week?

A Chanel Cassette Tape bag . I love this bag for it's vintagey look but with a modern twist.

Bare Minerals all over face warmth . I use this under my cheek bones just to give a bit of colour and also it enhances the cheek bones .

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer. This Foundation primer smooths over imperfections for an even canvas before applying foundation.

Bare Minerals Foundation Kit . It's a miracle and the brushes are just too soft.

Bobby Brown Lip balm is so softening and It last for ages !

Clinique Chubby stick is just a moisturising colourful beacon of hope for the makeup world.

Lush Lemon Flutter Face mask just revitalises your face ,for perhaps a Wednesday evening half way through the week , for  the face of having had beauty sleep without the sleep.

Mascara from BangGood . It looks like it sounds and it is long lasting. I shall say no more !

Givenchy Dahlia Noir perfume comes in a stylish bottle , smells stylish and keep you feeling fabulously stylish !

So this is my Bag this week .

Christmas holidays getting ready ! Hot or cold ?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rubber Ducks

A rubber duck is a bath time toy used among bubbles in a bath as a relaxing floating object. Nothing is cooler than a bath full of glow in the dark sparkly rubber ducks . They are also a great novelty Christmas present ! Here are my favourites .

Best of the season

Cole Haan x Jen & Oli
Jen Brill And Olivia Kim Team Up With Cole Haan For A Festive Holiday Collection . These are some metallic and suede fun fuelled heels !
 Roberto Cavalli scarab ring Is frankly a blue masterpiece of perfection.
Jeans made from Reynolds Wrap – Sparkly wonders perfect for Christmas !
  A sensible pair of driving shoes, these Giuseppe Zanotti heels maybe not so great going through security at an airport !

Domino-shaped Lady Purse by Charlotte Olympia . One Las Vegas .