Sunday, 30 September 2012

Shopping around

As we all know you can get alot from shopping around.
Many of us see something and buy it there and then ,but if we shopped around for better deals and designs we would be happier and have more money or clothes.
This week I have been doing alot of shopping around and I have found a dress worn by Cheryl Cole on that is sold out and £60.
However I was doing some reasearch and have found a very similar dress for £5.99 on Ebay !
The dress on the left is the one by ASOS that Cheryl was seen in and the one below is the one from Ebay for £5.99 .
This just shows what you can get if you shop around and this piece isn't really a life long Burberry trench or leather jacket .

There are so many more of these hidden deals and sales that you don't know where to look.

At the moment there is an end of summer and Autumn sale in most shops so keep an eye open !

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier and Coca Cola collaborate

Creative Director Jean Paul Gaultier works his tattoo magic on the latest Coca-Cola bottles I will definitely be buying a can of this Jean Paul Gaultier edition Coca Cola.
Coca Cola is no stranger to collaborations and makeovers with some of the biggest fashion houses. In the past it has collaborated with Roberto Cavalli,Karl Lagerfeld and Matthew Williamson .

This year Coca Cola have got a makeover from Jean Paul Gaultier. The latest edition features a night inspired bottle with some very cheeky raunchy tattoo art in a corset shaped bottle !

The two styled bottles are called "night and day".
The latest edition showcases a cheeky tattoo corset design, which Gaultier has made his signatureThe 'day' bottle is dressed up in JPG's signature Breton stripes. Whilst night is dressed in his other signature the corset worn by Madonna on her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour.

The two bottles he has created for Coke have exactly the same packaging as that of his 'Classique' and 'Le Male' scents.

The limited edition of these fabulous Coke bottles are already for sale ! So go and buy one and take home a little piece of fashion history,

The wonder of the onesie

Anytime you can wear a full one-piece pajama is fine with me. I’m looking at the guys on this web site, they seem so cool, I want to be that cool for a minute of my life.
The guys look like the sort who drink orange mocha frappuccinos. Adult onesies, how could you possibly not want one? Check out my post below with my favourites !

Curl up in onesie to keep warm

Curl up in onesie to keep warm


$245 -

$235 -

$220 -

$32 -

Slouch hat

Right timing

“The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it”
This quote is very true to many things in life. I was browsing things on the Internet this evening when I came across some incredible photography of nature that was taken in the right place at the right time.
This outstanding piece of photography taken in the right place in the right time.
The rest of these photos are brilliant and are inspiration for budding photographers.
Who said that a giraffes tongue is blue ?
The following pictures just made me smile !

Friday, 28 September 2012

Apple and the new i everything

This week Apple launched the new Ipad,Ipods and Iphone 5. It looks exactly the same as the Iphone 4 but longer. I'm very pleased that a new iphone exists but I'm less pleased about the fact that every 6 months or so accessory company's change there Apple Ipod designs to the next generation of technology cases . So if you have the iphone from 6 months ago (the iPhone 4s ) the shops will move on to cases for the iPhone 5 . Another benefit is that the vibrating on the new iphone is much stronger meaning you can't miss a call because of weak vibrations.

Another example of this is that apple seem to have purposefully created chargers for iPads and iPhones so that even though they look the same an iPhone charger won't charge an iPad . So when I'm travelling I have to carry with me three chargers that look the same except that I have stuck sticky labels over which ones which ! Which is slightly ridiculous !

On a brighter note apple have bought out new earphones called Apple Ear Buds which have the sound quality of £100 earphones. Plus they are extremely comfy . They were designed to fit into the ear first and then the sound instead of the other way round! They retail around £25 which is a bargain considering the competition.

The new Ipad has a massive improvement from the last one because even though the Ipad three already exists there is a new one with an even better camera ! Compared to the Ipad 2 camera it has some skillage !
You might be reading this not convinced so I have put together 5 ways that you can benefit from an Ipad.

1. The display: If you’re really into photos or video, then the screen is probably the single-most convincing reason to upgrade. Apple says that the iPad screen has more pixels than an HDTV.

2. Dictation: There hasn’t been much attention paid to this little feature, probably because everyone was bummed that Siri wasn’t in the new iPad. But dictation will go far on the iPad, as many people find typing on the tablet a total pain.

3. LTE: Faster Internet access means faster video streaming — which will be a joy to watch on the iPad’s new screen. It will also likely increase productivity on the iPad, because users will almost always be connected to a very fast network.

4. App store: This is really more a reason to buy Apple than specifically to buy this new tablet, but the fact of the matter is that the App Store has some of the best tablet apps out there — more than any other tablet app store.

5. Video/photo editing: This iPad might not be enough to finally persuade you to get rid of your computer, but this version of the iPad is creeping up. Before, it was kind of pain to edit photos and video that you took on your tablet and then share them from the tablet. Now, with an upgraded version of iMovie and a new iPhoto app, it’s much easier to do some quick work. Although the apps won’t be able to handle really complex editing, it’s welcome news for more the more serious amateurs who just want their stuff to look good.

The iPad has also gone down in price with the latest models starting at £399 for 16 GB theres not really any reason to say no !

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Uggs in the rain.REALLY?

Some people wear UGG's in the rain. Now if someone is walking behind you in UGG's you can instantly tell because of the slopping noise they make. This is because they have no structure unlike Emu's which do. Anyhow it was raining so hard today most people wouldn't go outside but I did because I like shopping . I saw three people in the space of 5 minutes wearing UGG's in the rain.They were a 40 year old mother with 2 kids , a teen and a 20 ish year old ,they were all wearing the classic UGG's .How embarrassing. This mystifies me because water stains your UGG's ,discolour them and make the wool go all strange. Even if you have bought waterproofing spray. If sheep are waterproof why aren't UGG's?

As wonderfully comfy as UGG's are ,they are bad for your feet,posture and the rain. So why don't you buy something else this winter. Don't be predictable and buy the same caramel coloured UGG's because everyone has them. Try out some hi tops or if you still want to be comfy Emu's are the same price but they have structure and they are waterproof ! HURRAH ! They also don't kill sheep.

Look, I know it’s cold outside. I know you want to shake your fist at the sky and say “Eff you cold!” You want to make choices! You want to make statements! Which is why you don’t wear Uggs. Because when you buy Uggs and wear them outside ,as it would appear women ,teens and children are still doing .The major statement you are making is “I paid £220 for my feet to look puffy because I have no originality whatsoever.”

Let’s not pretend that anyone is buying them because Uggs are a really flattering design on you, personally. There’s nothing to this design that would accentuate your legs, or show off your dainty feet. There’s nothing to the design that would make you stand up straighter or accentuate your bottom (high heels do this). There’s in fact nothing to indicate that you don’t have square, hideous shoe boxes in place of human feet.

Top Left Uggs. Bottom Right high tops.

CrAzY Partys !

Winter partying

Winter partying

Leather jacket

Wedge sneaker

Metal jewelry

Stila makeup

Lancôme lip makeup

Chanel makeup

Chanel fragrance

OPI nail polish
$21 -

Monday, 17 September 2012

Street Style out side the V+A

This weekend outside the Victoria and Albert Museum the street style was particularly fabulous because it is London Fashion week. The fashion that makes up the shows ultimately comes from the street and cultures so I thought I would share some of the street style this weekend on my blog.

I love this particular outfit because of the fun it with the retro shades and dog tooth leggings I just think that its too cool.

I thought that this tartan skirt would be perfect for school with the specs and leather brief case / bag but then i remembered I have a uniform and I had a sad face.
 The specs make this chic look uber clever and they are a great accessory.

I don't know who he is but I want his stylists number this guy has some serious baggage and attitude.I love his matching man bag with the chinos !! Plus his trousers are above his hips which means all undergarments are not being shown !Unlike many teenage boys !

I love the high tops ! You can buy very similar ones from office or Topshop. They are very 'In' at the moment ! She is also rocking the bomber jacket with the shades . A biker without a bike as I would say !

I love how this guy has mixed street with country with the cap and the Barbour. I think he has mixed it well !Nice shirt as well !

A youngster looking as fashionable as ever with a military type yellow trench with another pair of circular specs !

I am in love with this guys jumper and peter pan collar (which are very in at the moment)  nice quiff as well !

Another schoolgirl but with a wonderful emerald green crew with yet ANOTHER crew neck !
I am loving the nude platform shoes . You can buy these again from Office.


All I have to say to this is YELLOW HUNTERS IN LONDON !!! The jodhpurs and yellow hunters clash perfectly to give a bit of an eye sore of an outfit !! I still admire this chap.

A bit of Japanese fashion ! These shoes are everywhere but I am not sure if I like these platform trainer things or not . They are a bit individual I think.

Giving some Hippy Power to men ! I love the riding boots with PURPLE skinny jeans !!

Amazing photography by Marcus Dawes