Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A blog post for when those people put you down - Emma Watson

It's back to school this week , (irrelevant comment but like to keep my readers updated .)

In life people will put you down about anything , It could be because your edgy , you re sticking up for what you believe in or just because they have a slight case of the green eyed monster . It can get really frustrating and people lie about it alot .
I recently have experienced this to do with how I dress . So some people say that I have no style . Technically style is a function of opinion and If you have no style you have no manner of doing anything so I think its safe to say we all have style to some degree .

I think that style cant be judged in a rating out of 10 but more of categories of style . For example 1. has a  living on a farm in the countryside teacheresque style   and  number 2. has quite a sophisticated , fresh but indie style however most people prefer some styles to others .

I read an article about Emma Watson being voted a Fashion Trailblazer at The MTV Movie Awards ....... despite her Harry potter "Bad Hair" .

 Her speech I thought was so inspiring I decided to share it .First of all she said thank you and that she was visibly moved that she had won an award for her career (at 22!) and I found myself rooting for her. She opened up a little bit, saying that she was more like Hermione than we might have known, admitting “I was completely the eager beaver in school. I was the girl in the front of the class who was the first person to put her hand up, and it’s often not cool… I’ve often gotten teased mercilessly, but I’ve found that ultimately if you truly pour your heart into what you believe in, even if it makes you vulnerable, amazing things can and will happen. I’m so honoured to be receiving this and I promise to keep making the best work I can for all of you.”

I think that this speech just rounds up what the message I'm trying to put across is saying which is strive for what you believe in and never let anyone put you down because of it .

Here's the clip of Emma receiving her award looking a million dollars ...... so inspirational  .

And on one last note .

Fashions Fade , Style is eternal - Coco Chanel

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Graffiti is all over London AGAIN

Graffiti is popping up all over London again , this time not ON the shops but IN the shops . Graffitied items of clothing are a rising trend and you can buy it in high fashion shops from  Topshop to All Saints to New Look.

And so toady  I went for lunch with my wonderful cousins and decided to embrace this trend with a rather eye catching graffiti skirt from a little boutique in Cheltnam (as seen in my last post of buys of the week ) .

I wore with it a black crop top and black tights , some ballet pumps and a studded blue bracelet and In one picture vintage sunglasses from another little boutique in London .

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rising Trend Alert Ear Cuffs

My Simple Small Cuff
Ear Cuffs are everywhere this Summer and after seeing loads of celebs and even Cara Delevinge wearing them I went out and got one ! I must say it is quite edgy ear gear and not for everyone but it certainly adds a bad gal attitude to any outfit !

I think that one of the reasons that they have become so popular because you can wear them without hassle and not having to commit to having a hole in your ear for the rest of your days .

There are some seriously flamboyant ear cuffs like these leaf cuffs but there are also simple and understated ear cuffs like mine that is bronze and has little hearts on it .

Leaf Cuffs
You can also buy hair/ear cuffs that connect the ear to your hair like this one . I think that these look really creative and different .

This Summer at Glastonbury is when I predict the wild and feathery ear cuffs will come out and I'm sure they will look very in place with the indie music crowd !

The rest of the cuffs are ones that I really liked ! Including one on Cara Delevinge .

Hair / Ear Cuff


My Week in Instagram Pics

So this week has been one of those weeks where my life is 24/7 BUSY ! So I thought I'd show you my week in instagram pics ! ( @isabellalee101 )

To start off the week I bought two fabulous graffiti skirts from a boutique in Cheltnam . They are really loud , bright and I think that the skater skirt is going to look quite girly compared to the midi straight skirt that will look quite rebellious ! But either way they are fresh , new and a bit different as well as in keeping with the current print trend !

I went out for dinner and wore this large but not blingy gold collar from Egypt with an emerald green top and Black lace skater skirt.

I wore vintage bracelets from a tiny boutique in London and some dangly gold earrings from Topshop.

I went shopping and bought this bold monochrome stripy jacket from H&M (BARGAIN) for £15 !
My headband is from Topshop.

 I also got some vintage looking sunnies from Forever 21 , yet another bargain and perfect for summer .

I went skiing to Les Deux Alps .......... Sunshine , snow and some good skis are my perfect easter getaway !
I came home and then went to the Shard .
After the Shard I went and had lunch in Borough Market , really recommend the cupcakes !!!

So that's my life this week !

Sunday, 7 April 2013

SUMMER ! Beach , Bikinis and Backpacks

SUMMER ! Beach , Bikinis and Backpacks

The sun is starting to peak through the the trees in England , not enough to get the Bikinis out but best to be prepared !

This Summer it's all about fringing , cut outs , monochrome and backpacks . T

he fringing is quite hippy but still very stylish . I love the cutouts in clever places like these bikini bottoms - revealing but not too revealing !
The monochrome backpack I love , it's so practical , pretty and super cute .
Last off I fell in love with this Panda swimsuit . It is just a whole lot of fun on one piece of fabric ! LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!!

Borough Market , Monochrome and Macaroons

Yesterday I went to Borough Market , a market full of colours , smells and inspiration .
I wore
- a monochrome stripy jacket
- a studded yellow t-shit
- skinny jeans
- red Hi Tops

Borough Market is a unique market in the heart of London that is full of flavours , colours and a fantastic place to people watch.

It is not usually as busy but yesterday it was chocka block ! It's great to watch all the different people wandering round , hustling and bustling spotting new styles , fresh fashion tastes and some car crash colour disasters !

People watching is a hobby in which you go out and watch people. The way they act, dress, & talk. Like bird watching except with people. Very entertaining.
If you are planning on going there anytime soon , the macaroons are fabulous and the cupcakes are equally delicious !
Here are some pictures I took ...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Essentials For Your Summer Warbrobe

Image 1 of ASOS Monochrome 70s Sunglasses
£12 - ASOS
1. A Pair of fun , flamboyant sunglasses - I love this pair from ASOS , because they are retro and very edgy . They are called Monochrome 70s Sunglasses .

£48 - Motel

 2. Some Statement Stripes . The Monochrome look is in and in keeping with the Sunglasses . These Skinny Jeans from Motel add a smart , casual look to your outfit .

Paisley Dungaree Playsuit
£42 - Topshop

3.  Hippy Dungarees . They are laid back , uber comfy and an essential for your summer wardrobe . These Paisley Dungarees from Topshop are vintage ,  printed ,bright and bold .

Image 1 of ASOS Denim Jacket in Oversize Boyfriend Fit in Bleach Dip Dye
£36 - ASOS

 4. A dip Dyed denim Jacket . To wear over anything plain to add some serious Rock ability to a simple outfit . This jacket is from ASOS again , it definitely isn't the normal denim jacket .

£16.99 - New Look

 5. TIE DYE ! - perfect for summer festivals , chilling on the beach or just looking effortlessly trendy . This dress from New Look is perfect .

Monday, 1 April 2013


Style Diary
I love , love , love print trousers and they are back for the spring ! Neon , prints , and some fabulous heels = perfect summer outfit . These trousers are bright bold and so Versace , fabulousilty the the extreme .

Steffen Schraut summer tank top / Versace patterned pants / Christian Louboutin sandals / Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag, $595 / Aurélie Bidermann gold plated jewelry / Stella McCartney sunglasses, $220

Hashtags , Twitter and Tights and Jonathan Aston

So recently in my life I have been Tweeting alot (@isabellalee101) , skiing alot , partying alot .

And then I saw these ......

 Jonathan Aston has made a pair of tights called the Hashtag Tight . # OBSESSED

  These striking black opaque tights   are fun, funky, fashionable and in with the social networking vibe.

They are simple yet very effective , and only £10 so go and get some because they are just too cute .
From -

Eyebrows - Cara Delevinge and Katie Price

Cara Delevinge
Eyebrows are tricky subjects , the best example of perfect eyebrows for me are the ones that belong to Cara Delevinge . They are not over plucked or drawn on  with a felt tip and a stencil they are just perfect .
I must say I have seen a trend rising with people tattooing and literally seemingly colouring in their eyebrows with thick makeup gloop . Katie Price has clearly joined that trend along with being one of the founders of 'The Orange People Of The World ' trend.

Eyebrows are a big part of the face and if you don't get them right you will end up looking  bit odd . because no matter how pretty your face and makeup is , your eyebrows are constantly growing back .

Katie Price

This is an amazing video from  Sania Vucetaj who has some very good tips on eyebrows and doing them at home !