Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fantasy Shopper

Back to Fashion , I have discovered literally , my Fantasy Wardrobe . The wardrobe that consits of ten MK bags !

If you were given unlimited cash , what clothing would you buy ? Which designers ? How many Wardrobes ?

Fantasy Shopper is the new social networking site for fashionistas  .I must say I have discovered alot of unique and really nice clothing and accessories through following other people who have posted outfits and have put their style into their wardrobe.

It's basically a massive wish list but in wardrobes and not all of the clothing and accessories are extortionately priced . For example I was shopping for a monochrome type coloured outfit so I shopped around and added a few items to my Wardrobe and then put together an outfit which I then proceeded to buy ! Highly useful . My favourite shops on Fantasy Shopper are Lulu Guiness , Topshop and Harrods .

You can ask people for Fashion advice such as 'What would I put with this top ?' And then people can reply with an outfit with that item of clothing in it .
It's such an addictive site and trust me you will be Fantasising for hours !

I really recommend this site is fun , free , fashionable , social and really useful .

Have a look at my profile here !


Work , Work , Work , Snack , Snack , Work

So lately in my life I have been working an awful lot due to exams , and therefore not had much time for Blogging (sorry) !

I find that when I'm working and getting bored I tend to snack on whatever is there , which is generally very sweet or salty , high calorie rubbish , I have talked to many people about this and generally they all do the same !

I have found an amazing alternative to snacking on sugar , calorie filled rubbish . They are called Sakata Crackers and they are only 8 calories per cracker. I know, I know you're thinking they are going to be disgusting like most low calorie food but they are so good !

My favourites have to be the Sizzling BBQ crackers but then again the Seaweed and Soy sauce are to die for . There is also Lightly Salted, Sour Cream & Chive, Sizzling Barbecue, Roast Tomato & Balsamic the variety of flavours makes them great for sharing, dipping or study snacking !

I'm sure you don't believe me when I say just 8 calories per cracker but they are Japanese,
and when have you ever seen a fat Japanese person ?

After all the Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world of 82.73 years old . This is because they respect what they eat and respect how they treat their body and I think I could probably do with living the Japanese way of life for a bit , just to try to get anywhere near a bikini body. And these crackers are a healthy , filling , flavoursome step to getting it !

Sakata rice crackers are available in 100g packs from Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, The Co-operative, Waitrose and Ocado (RRP £1.99).


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Music to listen to when in need of inspiration

If your working hard and you need to be inspired here are my favourite inspiring motivational songs :

All I do Is Win - DJ Khaled

Wildflower - Cee Lo Green

Smooth - Santana
I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris

No doubt - Hella Good

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Get The Look - Beyonce

Get The Look - Beyonce

I am off to see Beyonce this summer in Miami on her world tour ! She does always look a million dollars so I decided to do a 'get the look' style post for a bit of a change.
Alexander McQueen is one of my favourite designers + I love this one modelled by Beyonce . It reminds me of a zebra but abstract.
The whole leather biker look has been very in this winter ,the red jacket goes really well with the leather trousers for a fashionable , up to date , smart but rock chic look.
Add some sunnies and killer heels and your good to go !

Topshop crop top / Dsquared jacket,  / J Brand leather pants, / Agent Provocateur lingerie bra / CÉLINE plastic wayfarer sunglasses,