Thursday, 25 July 2013

How To Mix Highstreet And Designer


Today I went for a smart ,chic ,simple sophisticated outfit that looks expensive but with the T-Shirt for £22 and the skirt for £18 - BARGIN . However this outfit looks like it does because the expense is invested in the accessories (CELINE BAG) as well as the big shades and statement necklace paired  with a matching iphone . I love a bit of mix and match because if you mix high street and designer you will never know if it is high street as long as you get the pairings right .

The key point to mixing high street and designer is that you buy one highlight designer piece like this Celine bag . Make sure that it is so beautiful it's worth every penny . Many High street shops are basically producing fabulous versions of the designer looks we see on catwalks and can be produced in  less than 2 weeks . When I go into shops I very often see Prada and Gucci repeated a lot !

With such a beautiful REAL bag and an equally as beautiful take on the real runway stuff you will look a million dollars .

And that is how to Mix High street and designer .

White tee / Maxi skirt, £22 , £18/ Christian Louboutin black satin pumps / CÉLINE bag, £3025 / Curb chain necklace / £16 Hermès hat / Victoria Beckham glasses / Iphone case / Calvin Klein foundation, £15 / L'Oréal Paris voluminous mascara, £13

 case . 

Summer Photography

Whilst I have been away I have had lots of opportunitys to take pictures .
Here are some of my most recent .


National American Miss - Why Beauty Pagents Are Wrong

Over the last month I have been on holiday / culturally , spiritually and fashionably enriching my life .

I must say that one of the funniest most bizarre things I came across was the National American Miss Competition . The final of this competition was held in a hotel I was staying in in Orlando .

 Thankfully It was a fairly massive hotel so they weren't everywhere however you did have to get into lifts full of meringue dresses and stressed parents .

So before I encountered this monstrosity of children being dressed up like dolls I had of course watched 'Toddlers and Tiara's' on TV in England starring 'Alana' or more famously known as 'Honey Boo Boo'.

What surprised me most at this competition was the amount of normal looking girls with pushy parents telling them that they really were special in the looks department . I mean there were a few who were just stunning but do the parents not realise that this is not the thing for their child ?

In the Lobby of the hotel alone there were 7 year olds strutting their stuff in tiny dresses with heels and full faced makeup looking frankly ridiculous . At that age they should be playing in a park or dressing up Barbie's instead of being a life sized Barbie of their mothers .

This leads me onto the mothers of these poor children . The mothers pressurize their children and do all they can to make their child stand out from the crowd . I sat in on one of the competitions and it came  to the extremity of what looked like a 12 year old 'Hollie' wearing something crossed between a burlesque outfit and something Rihanna would wear on stage .

The mothers are just trying to live through these kids its so sad but true . It also teaches these young girls the wrong idea about beauty . You don’t need to look pretty to have success in life. They promote fake beauty because the girls begin to think that being pretty is the fake tan , eyelashes ,extensions and the rest of it .

Beauty being judged and especially in a child is wrong  . Children are too young to know that you don't need beauty to be good in life.

Beauty Pagents are wrong . They promote people teaching children the wrong ideas about beauty , children of young ages are dressing ridiculously inappropriately , its frankly child abuse - tanning , waxing , wigging , dying and makuping children within and inch of their life . And most of all , these children aren't learning what it is to be a child and how to have a normal childhood.

This is why Beauty Pageants are wrong .

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fashion Trend Disasters

On my blog  trends are generally what I write about . When I'm walking around school , London , Regent Street , Carnaby Street and the little less known dark corners of the world I see trends just like the rest of the world .
 But, for every trend I fall in love with that has already had its time before and has come back around for the second time around (crop tops), there are some fashions that really should have ever come back , let alone should have ever existed . The trends that should have been left in the dustbins of fashion forever .

 Simply put, some trends should never have been. What mass hallucination convinced us long converse boots were cool? Were moustache accessories ever funny? Or sketchers trainers that exercised for us ?
Here are my most disastrous fashion trends -
The Converse Boots

The Jelly Shoe

The Moustache
The Juicy Matching Tracksuit
Whilst I'm on the Juicy note . Is it really appropriate to walk around wearing gym clothes other than when your In the gym ? I think not . The velour matching monstrosities should be banished from Earth .
Lets face it Katie Price  looks trashy in most things so there is not much to add here.
For the record, I personally think tracksuits are only OK when:
  • They are NOT matching (that doesn't mean put a red jumper with pink bottoms- just means not a matching pair )
  • Walking the dog
  • Going to the gym
  • Coming home from the gym (the last two apply to and from your car ONLY- Do not go shopping!)
  • Staying over at a friend or family members house and want something comfy to lounge in
This is my most disastrous fashion monstrosities ! If you see any please take a pic and send them to me ( details in contact tab ).