Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Gilly Hicks mix and match to perfection

The Cambridge Satchel Company

You may have seen the adverts on Google chrome about how this wonderful leather satchel company was started  in 2008 by Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas as a way to pay private school fees for Deane's children. This lady clearly has some determination !

 Her colourful handmade leather satchels are all based on an original Oxford and Cambridge satchel design and they were aiming the design at young school children !
 But they met high demand as a fashion accessory.

 The fashion craze made production of the satchels increase from three homemade items a week to 1,500 in 2011, and turnover increased from ₤15,000 to an 8 million in 2011 which is incredible !

The satchels are clearly brilliantly thought out and they have both modern and classic designs going from the Fluoro pink satchel to the deep red downing satchel !

My personal favourite is the green fluoro because its such a classic design in such a modern bright colour !
Many celebrities have been seen with the satchels as well !

Those caps....... the snap back

They are the caps that you see Gangsta blads wearing with a hood on top. The snap back cap is in fashion but we don't want to go the wrong way about it do we now?

They can look gorgeous but you have to plan around it as they aren't the most practical of accessories . EG Hat hair !

They have been seen on the catwalk . Yes I know the CATWALK !!!

Don't buy one that says 'Obey' or 'Badman' because that's just a bit odd !

Keep in keeping with the 'bow' trend and rock this snap back ! A great accessory for your preppy outfits. The front features a large White starred bow tie with a solid Red backdrop. Of course, you can find the snaps in the back. It costs £22 from !

They have been featured in a select few fashion shows but they seem to be rising in popularity !

Don't be the same old 'monster' or 'obey' cap try something a bit different that will get noticed !

My current favourite has to be the Kings & Queens Original Embellished Snap back Cap from !
It is blingage to the maximum and with that amount of studs you have to be careful not to em pail someone !

Spraytect - protection goes mobile

Phone cases and accessories are getting even more fashionable and phones are getting even more hi tech and expensive. Therefore there is a higher percentage of thugs on the street staying " yo hand over your phone and wallet or I will stab you" !

What to do , Buy yourself a Spraytect case for your iPhone or phone alike this .

Spraytect is a phone case with a detachable pepper spray cartridge .The smartphone case and personal protection device is rolled into one. Each case is outfitted with detachable cartridge that is filled with military grade pepper spray (habanero peppers is the main ingredient). It is currently available to purchase in several colors for use on iPhones .

As long as it is used correctly I think this is a fabulous invention and fabulous fashion and practicalitly for you and your phone !

It also comes in a wide variety of colours ! It costs just £25 so I think its a brilliant investment !

Bloodbrothers - the musical

I went to watch Bloodbrothers yesterday. I must say It was definatley in the top 3 musicals that I have ever seen !

Bloodbrothers is one of the most popular British musicals of all time. Written by playwright Willy Russell and brought to the London stage in 1988, reviewers have consistently praised the musical.

I thought it was extremely well acted and it was equally sad as It was hilarious. It is quite a hard hitting play and I think that It offerd alot of an insight into the topic of twins and how hard children can be !

I would really recommend this play to adults and kids over about 13 as It is quite an adult topic !

 It tells the tale of two twins seperated at birth and how they meet later in life and become best friends without knowing the real truth.

Brasserie Zedel and Julian Fellows

Last night before watching Blood brothers the musical I had dinner In Brasserie Zedel which is the sister restaurant to the Wolsley.

I must say It was delicious I had snails followed by steak and chips and some profiteroles.Anyway my most exciting encounter there was when my fellow guests that were having dinner with me spotted Julian Fellows at the bar!

In case you have no idea who I am rambling on about he has written many famous books and has acted in a few films but I know him for writing Downton Abbey ! I am a very big fan of it and so we went over and had a chat and he gave us an autograph !He is a very charming man and I would thoroughly enjoy getting to know him a little better !

This is a picture of myslef and my friends in Brasserie Zedel !

Irregular choices

This week in my life I went shopping on Regent street when found myself on Carnaby street which is just of Regent street. I wondered into a shoe shop where I felt as if I could have possibly been in heaven . The shop was called Irregular Choices and its 35,Carnaby streeet.
This shop sells the weirdest and whackiest shoes I have possibly ever seen . I think Lady Gaga possibly shops here !On the right Is a picture of me wiht my favourite boot made out of felt !The actuall shop itself is extaordinary the displays floor and walls are a bit of an optical illusion. It has to be a girl like mines ultimate playground !

It is the most perfect place on the earth! It makes you feel like you are Alice and you have just discovered wonderland has a shoe store ! It is wall to wall of wonderfully magical ornate shoes !

The one fantasic thing that I have learnt from footwear is that a pair of shoes can't make you look fat ! And no the likelyhood is , if you think you look fat in one thing and not another then you probably are !

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Its not too late to buy you Halloween gear !

Dress snug and smart this winter

reduce high blood pressure , buy yourself a furry friend

118360296428039712_LYMxNNQL_cWe're all stressed at some point in our lives.
Various studies have shown that peoples stress levels are reduced alot when they are able to pet an animal. Stroking a cat or dog has now even been shown to help reduce blood pressure...

So just to make sure I think a visit to the pet shop is in store , followed  by a trip to Harrods pet department where you can find some designer wear for your pooch .

This pooch is sipping vintage Moet whilst wearing some serious bling .


SkyfallOn saturday I went to see Skyfall the new Bond movie ! I must say It was the best bond movie that I have ever seen !

I won't give anything away but I think that it's definitely a must see movie !

It's Bond number 23 and It's definitely the best !This is a terrific James Bond movie, thoughtfully written, brilliant cast and it is still every bit a Bond film. But even if it wasn't a Bond film, it would still be excellent!

The best quote from the movie has to be "When all else fails, sometimes the old way works best.”

In the year of the Diamond jubilee and the Olympics this just closes British year very nicely ! Not to mention Adele's track to go with it !
This is the official trailer !