Thursday, 23 January 2014

Every Feeling of Friday

Every feeling


Red shirt / NIKE high top shoes / Mark's Graphia Calculator - Solar-pwered with clipimm Living Barber USB

Almost the weekend , here is a relaxed but stylish take on my Friday .

Monday, 20 January 2014

Music Of the Day

John Newman - Losing Sleep

It's worth listening to trust me . PERFECTION .



grey skies, grey clouds.

It's cold it's rainy it's 4 degrees outside and it's Monday . I associate all these words with the term JEANS so ....
 Here's some inspiration to embrace it all in style . 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Le Short

So I have just discovered the luxury loungewear brand Le Short ,  they are a really pretty collection of shorts and playsuits, using lots of liberty prints and Japanese lace from French designer Caroline Linchine. I loveee the Jeanne shorts and these are perfect for going into your spring sleepwear  wardrobe .

A Crush On Tartan


A little crush for tartan
Tartan Trend
This season Tartan is Back : Carpe Diem . Above are some outfits I put together . Whilst browsing through many a Topshop outfit I found this truly inspirational and hilarious sequence of Tartan rules . Here it is ....

Cast your mind back to 1995 – in a time when Valley girls were Californian, (not like, Welsh) – Cher, Dionne and Tai introduced us to ‘makeovers’, ‘buyer’s remorse’ and ‘Baldwins’.
So much more than just your A typical teen drama, Clueless made a totally important cultural impact for decades to come – changing our vocabulary and the way we dress.
Adapted from Jane Austen’s Emma –  it made Brittany Murphy and Alicia Silverstone household names and gave us all the
tartan we’ve ever dreamed of. The Scots may have invented the fabric, but it was the girls of Beverley Hills High who made it their own. Mis matched, colourful, co-ordinated – bliss.
Now as fashion short circuits back to the ‘90s and there’s more plaid,
tartan and check on the streets than you can shake a stick at, let’s re-visit what Cher & co taught us about how to wear it:
1: Be fearless, tartan is not to be worn sporadically

2: Think matchy matchy, i.e. tartan on tartan on tartan.

3: Coordinate head-to-toe tartan with your best friend’s head-to-toe tartan.
4. Work out in tartan.
5: Tartan is acceptable for both AM and PM.

The return of The Polariod

In our high-tech society,  times are tough for the traditional gadget. Polaroid -- best known as the maker of iconic instamatic cameras -- has felt the sting of this. In December 2008, the world famous brand was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US, driven out of the market by new digital photography products. However , since this the company has been bought and revived .  Their translucent pictures and retro look have formed a growing trend .
 I love taking pictures and by the time I am 18 I would love to line a massive room in a timeline of pictures of friends , family , flowers and many other things I have taken pictures of . Why do we take pictures ? To remind ourselves of fun , laughter , sadness , hope , beauty etc . I am genuinely happy that the polaroid has made a revival and I can't wait to buy one and start creating that wall .

Leggings - Are they Actually Acceptable ?

Let's cut to the chase here: Leggings are not trousers. Do not treat them as such, do not pretend that they're more opaque than they actually are, and do not, under any circumstances, sport them with just a tank top. Leggings operate in their own world, and you need to abide by their set of rules. Cover the butt. Don't go for anything shiny.

It can't be denied, however, that leggings are comfy, warm, and everything you want to wear after the temperatures have dipped. And, with the right styling tricks, they can even look fashion-forward. Really. So here are my different outfits that feature leggings . This really is a first .
Tartan print

McQueen Leggings
Outfit 1 :
Outfit 2 :

Best Beauty Products of the week

1. Dr Bronner's
Lemon and Lime lip balm , Peppermint lip balm and Orange Ginger lip balm are all miracle workers . These lip products are all organic , smell amazing and they are mightly good at doing their job . I use them when I'm
skiing , particularly because the cold makes my lips super dry and these keep them super moisturised !

2. Dr Bronners Organic Body Balm in Patchouli Lime is basically a dry skin first aid kit in a tin . I take it everywhere with me . I have found it to work really well on burns .

3 .The Porefessional by Benefit is actually magic . In 5 seconds my face goes from pore-centeral to pore-less . I have no idea how it works , it just does . It can also be used as a foundation primer .

4. High Beam by Benefit is a highlighter , and it opens your eyes if you put a dab right under your eyebrow arch . It also works really well on the top of your cheekbones as a highlighter . It is a tiny product that makes a huge difference.

New Year , New Nike's New You

So its New Year .... new diet , new fitness regime , new you , new boyfriend , new clothes , new, new , new , new . EVERY YEAR . Anyway this new year I am actually embracing the whole New Year Nonsense after a highly calorific Christmas .

Nike Air Max
Christmas cake , Christmas cookies , Christmas calories - Horrifying !

 I am starting a Sugar Detox - you can eat anything and everything that doesn't contain added sugar . Fruit is allowed of course but all the other stuff is strictly off limits . There is such a thing called sugar withdrawal symptoms that can lead to craving , fatigue and depression but its only for a week and you can kill all the supposed symptoms with eating many other natural delicious foods . After all is it really good for you to have all those chemicals in your body ?  See you in a week with these results !
What is the point of killing the calories if your lounging about on sofa all day doing no exercise . You don't get off that easy . Above are my favourite Nike Air Max's . They are great to power walk in and are super stylish . Did I mention how unbelievably comfy they are ? They might even give you some inspiration to get fit .  Below is an outfit I have paired them with for a casual look after the gym or going out .

Best of luck and Happy New Year !
air max


Sunday, 12 January 2014

This weeks music - Lorde

Lorde - a 16 year old New Zealander who's Album is like a stratospheric art collection . This is hypnotic . I highly recommend it in brief , take a listen .

Gemma Bishop Giveaway - Your Monday Morning just got better

This week I have been looking around for key accessories that you should be stocking your jewellery boxes and gift boxes high with this Spring, and I have come across a highly talented and skilled designer called Gemma Bishop ! Gemma Bishop is a London based brand and is handmade which makes the quality exceptional !

Gemma's Bangles are definitely her signature piece , as some of my loyal followers will remember I did a post with her Candi Striped bangle . However now her collection is darker , sleeker and sexier as the bows become black and cream silk with the Midnight Brocade Bangle  (£22.50) and Headband (£20.50) that I am modelling below . I paired these accessories with a big black fur jacket ( as seen on LFW runway a lot this year ) for an evening look .

I wore the Alexia Fascinator ( The huge blue mesh bow ) (£60) with a white fur coat and a black one ( not at the same time ) just to see the contrast between the two ! The Fascinator is for more formal events or as one over the top statement piece . I really like the way it's so ridiculously oversized and I think this is what makes it so bold !

Not only are all these pieces gorgeous , but I know that you are sitting there thinking ' I wish that I had one ' well I am giving away  The Midnight Brocade Bangle and Headband as well as the Alexia Fascinator ! So there's a nice start to your Monday Morning !!!

To enter all you need to do is :
Follow me on instagram @bellaleefashion and hashtag #bellaleefashiongiveaway on any picture of yours that you think that I will love .
Then email me to say you have done it ! Isabella Lee

Or if you are of the creative sort make an eye-catching header for my blog that will be used !

Best of luck and have a fab Sunday ..... Spread the word about Gemma Bishop and the competition ! #bellaleefashiongiveaway