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Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Crush On Tartan


A little crush for tartan
Tartan Trend
This season Tartan is Back : Carpe Diem . Above are some outfits I put together . Whilst browsing through many a Topshop outfit I found this truly inspirational and hilarious sequence of Tartan rules . Here it is ....

Cast your mind back to 1995 – in a time when Valley girls were Californian, (not like, Welsh) – Cher, Dionne and Tai introduced us to ‘makeovers’, ‘buyer’s remorse’ and ‘Baldwins’.
So much more than just your A typical teen drama, Clueless made a totally important cultural impact for decades to come – changing our vocabulary and the way we dress.
Adapted from Jane Austen’s Emma –  it made Brittany Murphy and Alicia Silverstone household names and gave us all the
tartan we’ve ever dreamed of. The Scots may have invented the fabric, but it was the girls of Beverley Hills High who made it their own. Mis matched, colourful, co-ordinated – bliss.
Now as fashion short circuits back to the ‘90s and there’s more plaid,
tartan and check on the streets than you can shake a stick at, let’s re-visit what Cher & co taught us about how to wear it:
1: Be fearless, tartan is not to be worn sporadically

2: Think matchy matchy, i.e. tartan on tartan on tartan.

3: Coordinate head-to-toe tartan with your best friend’s head-to-toe tartan.
4. Work out in tartan.
5: Tartan is acceptable for both AM and PM.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wednesdays we wear pink #totallynothemostusedsayingontheinternet

Wednesdays we wear pink #totallynothemostusedsayingontheinternet
A devotion to Mean Girls . Possibly the greatest teen comedy movie of all time . And this post is a devotion of possibly the most used saying on the Internet ' On Wednesdays We Wear Pink ' .
This is the ultimate Mean Girls outfit , I wouldn't wear it out but honestly everything about it shouts 'MEAN GIRLS' !!!
If you haven't seen Mean Girls . It came out in 2004 . You have had 9 years to watch it , what have you been doing with your life my child ?
And if you are really thinking why should I watch this film ? It's a classic .
Still having doubts ? yes ?
Put it in the Burnbook .
All products in the picture are linked below .