Sunday, 24 February 2013

Photography - Switzerland - David Guetta

Recently I haven't done much blogging with just my photography so I thought hey ho better get on with doing a post!

I have literally just jumped off a plane from Geneva where both David Guetta and style icon Susannah Constantine from Trinny and Suzana both got on the same flight as me ! - exciting fashion fact of the day !

Anyway I was skiing in Switzerland for a week and here are some pics .....

Lake Geneva

The Mountains

The Mountains


Snowball fight

Me rocking some vintage Bloc shades + Oakley Goggles

The ski boots warming infront of a rather warm fire
What I wore - JW Cable jumper + ski jacket with CK hat and vintage shades

My Kurt Geiger Snow Boots - the warmest furriest shoes in my wardrobe

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva trees

Chocolat chaud avec chantilly

Moi racing through the mountains on a snow mobile

Stars and Stripes - Spring Summer trend

Eyes On Me
Who hasn't seen the latest Louis Vuitton Advert ? Bold everything , stripes , squares and colour blocks . It is a modern age 'It girl' look ! Get the look below .

Equipment silk blouse / Veronica Beard tux jacket / Diane von Furstenberg twill skirt, $360 / Sergio Rossi black heels / Zelia Horsley crystal jewelry / MAC Cosmetics macs cosmetic / Burberry / Uslu Airlines , $30 / Balenciaga perfume, $61

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Flopsy . A shoe with a Rabbit in the heel

Look at the shoes . Just look at them . Hail them , praise them . These have to be some of the best shoes around . A Rabbit built into a heel of a brogue. Who thinks up these ideas ?
These would be perfect for an Easter Egg hunt I am thinking . They are available from the American Irregular Choice and they are sold on Amazon as well.
Alice in Wonderland shoes or what ? I have a massive need for these in my spring wardrobe to fit in with all the polka dots !

What to wear for Valentines Day some more ideas

What to wear for Valentines Day

This colour combo is light , bright sweet and seductive just what you need for Valentines Day. The minty greens and the pinks contrast well I particularly love the Gemma Bishop Bracelet as well with the Lulu Guinness clutch . A dip dyed skater skirt is pretty and feminine also very on trend. You can't have Valentines day without a few love hearts at least and this isn't fluffy princess love hearts with the Ralph Lauren it's tough love and takes some of the sugar out of the outfit.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Winter Skin , Lips , body - Dr. Bronners

I'm off skiing yet again this week , and as per usual measures need to be taken for the unpredictable power of the snow.

It sucks the moisture of of your skin to the point of the sun burning it and peeling . Not to mention feet , ski boots and shins.

I have found a one pot wonder for the snow . It's called Body Balm by Dr. Bronners .

This body balm is intensely soothing and amazing for the sun burnt noses and dried out panda eyes.
It also works wonders for feet after a hard day in ski boots and very relieving for the shins.

 It contains organic jojoba oil with organic beeswax avocado and hemp oils to make it smell wonderful.

For the lips there is Dr Bronners Organic Lip Balm. It lasts for hours and hours , it smells of actual real fresh lemons rather than fake sweetened gloop . This is a quality product and great for apres ski use as well as day to day use. It also tastes delicious.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Valentines Lovesong - what to wear DAY TIME ideas

Whether you plan to luncheon date it or have a picnic in the park, here are some ideas for Valentines DAY TIME DATES . Pout , look pretty , and polka dot it ! I hope that this inspires .

Wildfox Couture pink shirt, $455 / Wildfox Couture / Wildfox Couture plaid shorts, $185 / Dollhouse wedge heels / Brahmin / Bracelets jewelry, $24 / Giles rhinestone jewelry / Hillier post earrings / Kate Spade / NARS Cosmetics / Comme des Garçons fragrance / Marc Jacobs marc jacob / Topshop , $7.90

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Valentines for her - THE GUIDE FOR GUYS

Finding the right Valentine's Day gift is probably the most difficult shopping experience in any man's life. First, I’m a girl, so we’re talking girl stuff. Second, men only like cars and curry. Everybody knows that.

So whether your buying for a girl or lonely buying gifts for yourself , these are the top gifts for valentines day !

1. Jewelry - Most women will tell you they prefer jewelry for Valentine’s Day, and for obvious reasons. It’s personal, it costs more, and you actually have to get out of the vehicle to buy it. Get something precious and with a meaning .

 I love this Star Bracelet from My Flash Trash . It's silver plated and you can't go wrong with it . It's simple yet sleek , stylish and very cute. Bonus it's only £15 and it comes in a beautiful gift bag making it even more special.

An alternative bracelet for Valentines day are these this beautiful candy striped bangles from Gemma Bishop London they are also great for topping up on the nautical trend which is going to be big this spring. They are so bold , colourful and I absolutely love the playfulness and chic look these give to any outfit.

3. Buy her a diary and pencil in your dates . This vibrant compact is pink and perfect . Super , soft ,sweet and keeps her organised so a practical and pretty gift for Valentines Day ! From Filofax.

Pennybridge Compact (Raspberry), £35

4. Valentines day wouldn't be Valentines day without some choccy . But not any choccy .
Prestat’s Marc de Champagne Truffle Collection contains an impossibly romantic and fun assortment of Kir Royale, Milk, Dark, Strawberry and Pink Champagne truffles, enrobed in the finest dark, white or milk chocolate.
They come in gorgeously metly heart boxes that alone look good enough to eat , designed by the renowned artist and illustrator Kitty Arden. These tantalisingly tasty choccys are a perfect gift for Valentines day and the only cost £15 from Prestat  that's what I call beautiful bargain they litterally ooze love.

Noughts and bedazzled Crosses -

 Welcome back yonder follower to my blog.

Today is a post about the power of bedazzlement

To bedazzle is to astound, overwhelm, flabbergast, enchant, captivate, daze, bewilder, disconcert, blind, befuddle and fluster.

This dress certainly does it all. with Jewels encrusted into the dress in a cross shape and a waterfall skirt shape it is high fashion , fun , flirtatious and just gorgeous . It is £18 from Fashion union . 

It is modelled on the fabulous Georgina Waud , follower , friend and fit model. It was her birthday yesterday so shout out - HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

The rings on the middle finger her left hand and the one on the right are both from Stella and Dot who are a jewelry company that also do Trunk shows . They sell amazingly beautiful jewelry and accessories at really reasonable prices.

The long cross ring is from New Look. Very with it and the bracelet is from a boutique called Mimi boutique.

Boots are from R.M Willaims and are very well made / very expensive and you should just praise they , pray for them , hail them .