Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wednesdays we wear pink #totallynothemostusedsayingontheinternet

Wednesdays we wear pink #totallynothemostusedsayingontheinternet
A devotion to Mean Girls . Possibly the greatest teen comedy movie of all time . And this post is a devotion of possibly the most used saying on the Internet ' On Wednesdays We Wear Pink ' .
This is the ultimate Mean Girls outfit , I wouldn't wear it out but honestly everything about it shouts 'MEAN GIRLS' !!!
If you haven't seen Mean Girls . It came out in 2004 . You have had 9 years to watch it , what have you been doing with your life my child ?
And if you are really thinking why should I watch this film ? It's a classic .
Still having doubts ? yes ?
Put it in the Burnbook .
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The Wonder of Cats

Untitled #489
I love my cats . If they could talk , there would be a whole new meaning to life ! 
So I was studying earlier and left my Milkado pack on Mr Misty my cat . He cried ........... adorable !!!

Anyway back to Fashion I love this simple t-shirt with Cats on it . It's just cute . However this map skirt from Barney's  is just in your face fabulous . You could only ever be seen in it once because it is so bold but it is a wardrobe shining star .

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Alice In wonderland gone Hipster .

Untitled #491
So I know this shirt is £149 but isn't it the most heavenly shirt you have ever seen ? Yes . Thought so .
This is my idea of Alice in Wonderland gone 2013 .
A pocket watch , high socks , some shorts and Miu Miu shoes paired with this showpiece shirt .

And finally , Ben and Jerry's to bring it back to Earth again . Living the Hipster life .

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6-Day Outfits . ' Sorry you have Chips on your chest '

6-Day Outfits; Sexy Sweaters Edition
 Marilyn Monday - Inspired by the style icon Monroe , I love this jumper because it is 1. Dip Dyed , 2. Got Marylin Monroe on it , 3. amazing .

Twiggy Tuesday - Yet another style icon Twiggy , Simple but effective jumper . I love the disco colours .

Pink Wednesday - What can I say , It's Pink .

That 70's Show Thursday - If your a 70's kid you will get it but otherwise ....
.... What am I doing ?

Fries-day Friday - Take Away on your chest . This is the definition of fat . This is a Sunday morning jumper over PJ's . I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!!

Star Wars Saturday - For all the Big Bang watchers out there ..... Sheldon would be
 jealous of this . either way a Star Wars fan or not this jumper is epic .
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Sun and Flower Power

Untitled #505
This is my ideal weekend outfit . It's practical , effortlessly stylish and really cute .
I love this seasons worn jean trend particularly with colour stained shorts and bleached denim like these . I thought the flower sunglasses were quite hippy and added them in because I can . However if you get a tan wearing them ........... FLOWER POWER TAN !!!

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Coral hue

Coral hue
At the moment I am really getting into the colour coral , it's a warm colour and as the temperates are rising in England I think that it looks really nice . Spring and summer seasons are all about bright, feminine, and fun choices of colour. Coral is elegant feminine and ultimately a fabulous colour that is a combination of pink and orange together.
 This season, you can find coral bottoms, coral tops, coral accessories, coral dresses, coral footwear everywhere . If you  prefer edgy looks, choose coral bottoms this season. I love this pair above from J. Crew , they are great way to achieve a colour-blocked look by simply pairing them with a contrast coloured top! You can also go for a simple and chic look and pair the coral bottoms with a plain white top.
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DKNY , $270 / Alice + Olivia pleated maxi skirt, $530 / J.Crew j. crew pants, $475 / Alice + Olivia short mini skirt, $435 / Equipment silk camisole, $180 / Zara wedge sandals / Valentino sling back shoes / See by Chloé leather shoulder bag / Marni real leather handbag / J.Crew j crew jewelry / Lanvin necklace / Wet Seal jewelry / Plastic chain necklace / Gemstone necklace